Fiber to the home is coming soon!!

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 Lightning-Fast Internet Speeds & Exceptional Customer Service

Fishers Island Telephone Company (FITC) is seeking fifty early adopters that will agree to take fiber to the home service (FTTH) before it is built. These innovators will agree in advance to sign a 3 or 5 year contract (commencing when service is available) ensuring that FITC has the resources available to complete construction. Through their generosity these innovators (in addition to getting exceptionally fast internet service) will affirm FITC's belief that there is a desire for FTTH on the island. When these fifty early adopters are identified construction will focus our teams to build in the areas with the highest interest.

A Fiber Network Starts with You. The Future is Bright. Experience the Difference

If you are interested in faster more reliable internet and contributing to bringing the island up to the state of the art technology, as an early adopter you will:

  • Affirm the need and support the change by ensuring Fishers Island Telephone Company has the resources available to begin construction.

  • Have the earliest access to bandwidth improvements with early adopter specials.  Normal service will be 100-150 Mbps.  Early adopters will be able to choose between a 3-year contract at $205 for 250 Mbps or a 5-year contract at the same price of $205 for 500 Mbps.

  • Sign up for just $77 more a month than what you are paying for 'Best' service now you will be helping bring our island up to speed while experiencing faster more reliable internet.